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Survice Overview

Have you ever paid someone to do your papers? If so, you probably heard of such a writing service as EduBirdie. It is probably one of the most popular on the Internet.

Long story short, it is a website that helps to find a writer for any writing assignment. The main benefit is that you can choose a writer yourself. After placing an order, you’ll receive offers from writers to complete your paper. You can see the expert’s profile, the number of completed works, ratings from clients, and the required price.

You can even negotiate the details of your paper before choosing a candidate for your assignment. Sounds perfect, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not true, just a big scam. You can check it yourself. There are no real writers, only bots who send you the prewritten greeting messages right after you have placed an order.

Can you trust such a company? Want to know what else they hide from you? How do they deceive the clients? Read my EduBirdie review and discover all the truth in detail.

Quality of Services

Does EduBirdie actually work? Yes, it does, but not the way you expect. When a user submits an order, they receive at least three offers from writers, sometimes more.

Anyway, most of them offer prices that are much higher than the rates on other platforms for such service. At least one bid will have an extremely high cost so that other offers will look like a good deal.

Chat with these writers once they make a bid and you’ll see that it is an automatic message and you don’t get the greeting message from a real expert. Even when a writer says that he has read your instructions carefully, it is not true. Nobody has even checked your paper requirements yet.

A lot of other EduBirdie reviews say the same. Besides, as I have mentioned before, if you don’t believe me, you can check it by yourself. Place a fake order and ask a writer, who says that he has done hundreds of similar topics as yours, about the instructions that you submit, he won’t give you an answer because he doesn’t even read your paper instructions.

Writers' ratings and prices for work

I learned about this trick from one EduBirdie Reddit review. I couldn’t believe that it was so easy to show the true colors of these fake writers. You should try it yourself, it’s fun.

1A bidding system
1High prices
2Can chat with a writer
2No discounts
3Only 70% refund possible
4Fake writers
1A bidding system
2Can chat with a writer
1High prices
2No discounts
3Only 70% refund possible
4Fake writers

Prices and Deadlines

They don't have a table with rates. After submitting your requirements, the system will evaluate the minimum charge for your order and invite writers. By the way, the minimum price for one double-spaced page of a high-school level essay is $34.10. The highest bid is $51.16. Their rates are incredibly high!

Chatting with a writer

Also note that there is no option to reduce the price. The negotiations with a writer are senseless, he won’t give you a discount because the prices are controlled by the service.

The customer support agent won’t give you a discount either; they insist that the writer sets the price. It seems they forgot to come to a common conclusion about who does NOT allow you to get a discount.


Their refund policy is not on the client’s side. As lots of EduBirdie reviews mention it is almost impossible to get a chargeback from these guys.

The only option to get a 100% refund is when a user is charged twice. In all other cases, only a partial refund is available. For instance, if you are not satisfied with the quality of a delivered essay, you can get up to 70% of your money back.

The quality assurance team will review your complaint and evaluate the percentage from the initial sum that you will receive. They can even return only 5% of your money and there is nothing you can do with it.

In case the level of plagiarism is higher than 10%, a chargeback is possible only if there are some funds on the writer's account. Does it mean, if a writer delivers an essay with 100% of plagiarism, but has a zero balance on the site, you will not get even a cent back?

Online Reputation

Internet users always find out the truth about any online platform. Let's check some EduBirdie reviews and see what REAL clients think about this service.

EduBirdie's review

Unlike the comments with high ratings on the EduBirdie website, the feedback from real users is much worse. For instance, the rating range on the web starts from 2.4 to 3.5 out of 5.

It's not even close to the one you can see on the site, 4.7 out of 5. Hence, the only question that appears is “Is EduBirdie safe?” - Well, you should not trust everything they say, that’s for sure.

Customer Support

How good is their customer care team? Well, there is a live chat on the website, where agents will suggest the overpriced offers for you and motivate to enter your credit card details. Unfortunately, they cannot help with the existing orders.

You need to expect a reply from your writer, QA team, or anybody else who is responsible for it. Generally, the customer support is good only for the newcomers as they can answer a lot of questions about the service, but can hardly help you with solving a particular issue with your order.


Let's summarize EduBirdie review and list all ins and out of this writing platform! This site was created for deceiving users! Writers are fake, prices are fixed, no discounts, money back policy makes you almost unprotected and gives you limited chances to get your money back.

I don't recommend using this site for any purposes. Don't waste your time on bots who place high bids for poor-quality essays.


This service is a scam. There are no real writers, only bots!

According to reviews with lots of hateful comments, this platform is the wrong place for ordering essay writing services.

Unclear refund policy and irrelevant information on the site should keep anyone far from this site. Don't give your money to these liars!

The company is legit, but read their terms of use and you’ll find out that you risk your money every time you place an order.

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