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πŸ“Œ Pretty good support team
πŸ“Œ Timely deliveryv
πŸ“Œ High quality
πŸ“Œ User-friendly website

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πŸ“Œ Ability to choose writers
πŸ“Œ Affordable prices
πŸ“Œ Good qulity of essays

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πŸ“Œ Possibility of getting a VIP status
πŸ“Œ Low prices
πŸ“Œ ENL writers
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Service features

Service rating 3.1
Prices from $9
Deadline 24 hours
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes

Service Overview

ExtraEssay is a British writing service that is relatively new to the market. Nevertheless, the company positions itself as the best place to order papers. I decided to check this statement and order a test assignment. So get ready for a detailed ExtraEssay review. But, first, I'm going to tell you some secrets and pitfalls.

ExtraEssay main page

Quality of Services

I decided to order a 3-page essay on Computer Science. I chose a rather tricky topic this time and asked the writer to mention key benefits and innovations of the 7 nm process MOSFET technology. Since this is a rather difficult assignment, I decided to choose an advanced writer to determine if an ordinary student should pay extra for such options. In addition, I have pointed out a few key features that the writer should mention. Specifically, the new MOSFET technology implies improved energy efficiency, extra processor performance, and better temperature resistance.

ExtraEssay order form

It's worth noting that I spent $37.50. This is not a very large amount, so I did not hope for a well-written paper. However, the writer sent me my paper on time. Besides, I have not found any plagiarism, grammar, or spelling errors. But the problem is that the writer did not fully understand what MOSFET technology and the 7 nm process are. First, my introductory paragraph began with the history of the first semiconductors, but I did not ask to write about the historical facts.

In addition, the writer did not mention three points that are extremely important to describe all the key benefits and innovations of the new MOSFET technology. Overall, I got the impression that the writer didn't want to visit Wikipedia and read at least a few paragraphs. My topic is not that difficult. Even a beginner could write such a paper, especially given the ability to find any data on the web. But let me not continue this ExtraEssay.com review and tell you more.

1Free paper samples
1Writers can ignore your requirements
2Tricky money-back guarantee
3Support agents may lie to you
4Poor paper quality
1Free paper samples
1Writers can ignore your requirements
2Tricky money-back guarantee
3Support agents may lie to you
4Poor paper quality

Prices and Deadlines

One of the nice aspects is the price level. If you don't mind waiting about two weeks, then the price of one page will be only $9. Even a cup of coffee will cost more! However, if you want to receive your paper in 24 hours, the price per page will rise to $19. By the way, if you want to hire an advanced writer, then the cost of your order will increase by 25%. Finally, if you want a plagiarism report, then get ready to pay $7.99.

ExtraEssay pricing

Alternatively, you can ask the writer to send you the initial draft. This option will increase the cost of your order by 10%. In principle, these are the average market prices. I read many ExtraEssay.com reviews, and the paper cost was the least critical factor for most people.


Is ExtraEssay legit? Yes, it is. However, I am not happy with how the company approached the stage of revisions and money-back guarantees. For example, if you asked the writer for an amendment, you will not return more than 50% of the original amount. Moreover, I did not find a refund procedure if I did not like the paper quality. I read many ExtraEssay Reddit reviews and realized that other people couldn't find out more details either. You can ask for a refund, but only a special QA team can make the final verdict.

ExtraEssay guarantees

Online Reputation

You will be surprised when you see ExtraEssay reviews on Sitejabber and some other sites. However, most of the customer reviews are very similar to each other. Perhaps this is part of a marketing campaign. However, I do not exclude the fact that not all writers are equally competent. However, such a well-known site must conduct a close selection of employees since the quality of my paper was unacceptable.

ExtraEssay review on Sitejabber

Customer Support

Is ExtraEssay legit? I have no doubts about this. However, I am not very happy that support agents promise the quality of service they cannot be sure of. I asked if I could count on a well-written paper if I pay extra for the services or hire top writers. The agent said that I don't have to worry about the quality of my assignment. But the writer ignored my demands. I think this is unacceptable.

ExtraEssay support


I do not advise you to order anything from here. No grammar and punctuation errors is not a reason to pay 25% more for your paper. Besides, writers ignore customers' demands. In addition, support agents lie in the online chat or are simply incompetent. In any case, there are quite a few other writing services that are much better than this site.


This is not a scam site, and you will get your paper on time. But, unfortunately, you are unlikely to be happy with the unprofessionalism of the writers and ignorance of your requirements. So perhaps you should find an alternative.

It is an unreliable company because writers do not follow customers' instructions. Chances are you will be disappointed with the paper quality. Find an alternative company so as not to waste your time.

Yes, it is a legit UK-registered company. However, this fact does not in any way affect the quality of the assignments. Nevertheless, you will most likely be disappointed with the result so you should find another company.

I don't think this is a good writing service. The so-called experts ignore the paper requirements and do not spend time on even basic data searches on the Internet.

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