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📌 Pretty good support team
📌 Timely deliveryv
📌 High quality
📌 User-friendly website

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📌 Ability to choose writers
📌 Affordable prices
📌 Good qulity of essays

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📌 Possibility of getting a VIP status
📌 Low prices
📌 ENL writers
📌 iOS / Android app


Service features

Service rating 3.1
Prices from $9
Deadline 6 hours
Refund Policy No
Revision Policy Yes

Service Overview

ThePensters is a Cypriot writing service that was established in 2009. The FrogProg Ltd company owns this site. The writing service has a pretty cute design and detailed service descriptions. But what about the quality of services and guarantees? So let's start this The Pensters review, and I will give you all the details.

ThePensters main page

Quality of Services

I decided to test the professionalism of local writers and ordered a 3-page college book review. It is worth noting that I chose an almost 8-day deadline and asked to analyze Jack London's "The Call of the Wild" novel. One of the main requirements was the description of the main character. The fact is that the narration is on behalf of the dog, and I wanted the writer to mention that Jack London used a short adventure novel to convey serious and instructive ideas to children.

ThePensters order form

It is worth noting that you cannot find out the price right away. You will have to wait for the site to find a list of writers for you. After that, you can choose someone. I had to pay $55.50, and this is not the smallest price. However, I was hoping that the writer would be able to cope with the assignment. Unfortunately, the writer did not fulfill my requirements. Firstly, it seems that the so-called expert did not even read the book or even a short description.

I did not see those aspects that I asked to mention in my paper. In addition, the writer forgot to mention the main character and how the dog escaped from the owners and became the leader of a wolf pack. Apart from these errors, the writer copied some of the text from another source. Now I understand why I have seen plagiarism complaints on the Internet so often. I also found over ten typos. It seems to me that such paper should not cost more than five dollars. But let me not dwell on this aspect, and we will continue this ThePensters review.

1Good citation generator
1Poor paper-quality
2Easy-to-use website
3Fake reviews
4Unprofessional writers
5No online chat
6Slow customer support
1Good citation generator
2Easy-to-use website
1Poor paper-quality
3Fake reviews
4Unprofessional writers
5No online chat
6Slow customer support

Prices and Deadlines

I must say that there are no clear price limits here since the system automatically selects writers. However, the minimum price cannot be lower than $9 for 250 words. This price is valid for a two-week deadline. But do not think that you will be able to save money. The price for a 2-page essay can be over $50, depending on how many writers are willing to take your order. By the way, I saw even larger sums when I read some of ThePensters reviews.

ThePensters guarantees


I was very surprised when I saw that the company does not provide refunds. According to the data I found on the site, students receive parts of the text that are manually verified. After that, you cannot expect a refund since you partially accepted the quality level. I was shocked by this fact while writing this review.

ThePensters review on SiteJabber

The problem is that writers send small pieces of text, and you can't figure out how well the so-called experts did the job. It's like sending a five-second track to music producers and asking them to rate the quality of the music. You can, of course, ask about revision, but this option will only be available after a dedicated QA team has analyzed your claim.

Online Reputation

It's worth noting that I found a few The Pensters reviews. Most people criticized the quality of the papers, late delivery, rude support agents, and very high prices. In addition, many people do not understand why prices for the same paper may differ if the student cannot be sure of the writer's professionalism in advance. Overall, this company has a lot of negative reviews.

Customer Support

Another surprise is the lack of an online chat. If you have any questions or complaints, you will have to use email and wait about 30-40 minutes. What if I want to ask a simple question that takes no more than a couple of minutes? Why should I wait an hour to get a short answer? These guys are not interested in my money.


I will try not to waste your time and will be brief. This is an unreliable writing service that is not worth your attention. I am dissatisfied with the paper's quality. Moreover, the writer ignored half of my requirements. Finally, this company hires freelancers and does not guarantee a refund. These facts are enough for me to never order anything from here again.


I am not ready to claim that this site is a total scam. However, I was completely dissatisfied with the quality of my paper. The problem is that the site owners have hired freelancers and do not control the quality of the assignments.

This is an unreliable site because your requirements can be ignored. Therefore, I advise you to find another writing service so as not to waste time and money. Otherwise, you will be disappointed.

Yes, this is a legit company. But you should understand that Cypriot law is very loyal to local companies. Unfortunately, this means that you will not be able to obtain a refund even in court.

This is one of the worst writing services I've seen. You should be very careful if you want to order anything from here. Most likely, you will not be satisfied with the paper quality.

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