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📌 Pretty good support team
📌 Timely deliveryv
📌 High quality
📌 User-friendly website

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📌 Ability to choose writers
📌 Affordable prices
📌 Good qulity of essays

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📌 Possibility of getting a VIP status
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Service features

Service rating 3.2
Prices from $15
Deadline 3 hours
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes

Service Overview

JustDoMyHomework is a British writing service established in 2014. UniProf LLP owns the site. I'll be honest and admit that I liked the website design. The web designers did a good job. But let me start this JustDoMyHomework review and give you all the details to find out the whole truth.

JustDoMyHomework main page

Quality of Services

I decided not to experiment with capstone projects and other expensive papers. This is why I chose a 3-page movie review. I thought The Shawshank Redemption would be an excellent basis for this paper. So I chose a 10-day deadline and asked not only to do a short review but also to focus on the imperfection of the judicial system and the fact that the main character (Andy Dufresne) did not break down even while he was in one of the most dangerous prisons in the United States.

JustDoMyHomework order form

It is worth noting that the writer coped with the task on time. I didn't even find grammar or spelling errors. My only complaint is that the paper did not meet my requirements. First, the writer concentrated on reviewing the script and forgot about the main character. Secondly, I did not see a single line about how biased the judicial system is.

Moreover, each paragraph looked like a separate part, not related to the previous one. Perhaps a writer should read about what transition words are. Unfortunately, it seems to me that he or she was in a hurry and did not even edit the paragraphs. That is why I am not sure if this JustDoMyHomework.com review will be positive.

1Beautiful website design
1The writer ignored my requirementsy
2Many additional paper options
2High prices
3Plagiarized paper samples
4Fake JustDoMyHomework reviews
1Beautiful website design
2Many additional paper options
1The writer ignored my requirementsy
2High prices
3Plagiarized paper samples
4Fake JustDoMyHomework reviews

Prices and Deadlines

If you are willing to wait more than ten days, you will have to pay $15 per page. However, local writers can make your paper in three hours. However, then the price will rise to $45. If you choose a premium writer, the price will increase by 10%. I think the prices are quite high, as other writing services provide much more services and guarantees. However, I will not impose my opinion on you. Let's move on to the next step.

JustDoMyHomework pricing


Is JustDoMyHomework legit? Yes, and I have no questions about this aspect. But I want to focus your attention on the money-back guarantee. The point is that you cannot expect to receive a full refund if you asked the writer for a revision. In this case, you will receive no more than 70%. In addition, the final verdict will be made by the QA team. Plus, if you choose a 6-hour deadline, you won't be able to get your money back even if the writer doesn't do the job well. I think this is unheard-of arrogance. 

JustDoMyHomework guarantees

Any writing service must guarantee quality whatever happens. These guys could have chosen other deadlines to keep up with the paperwork. Why should I put up with poor-quality paper if I want to receive my assignment in 3-6 hours?

Online Reputation

Unfortunately, I haven't found many JustDoMyHomework.com reviews. I was even a little surprised when I saw the positive comments on Sitejabber. However, twelve students may not be enough to conclude the quality of the papers. That is why I advise you to be critical of everything you see on the Internet. If a company has only a couple of dozen reviews, this is not enough to assess the level of user trust.

JustDoMyHomework review on Sitejabber

Customer Support

Now I would like to talk about support agents. These guys are always online, but they are not used to quickly answering non-standard questions. For example, I decided to find out if I really wouldn't get my money back if I chose a 6-hour deadline. It took the support agent about 10 minutes to answer me. I was assured that I could get the money back if I were not satisfied with the quality of the papers. So I asked my friend to make another order. However, when he applied for a refund, he was denied. The support agent said that the writer coped with the task, and his claims were not enough.

JustDoMyHomework support


It's time for the final verdict. I do not like this writing service as I received a paper that does not meet my requirements. Moreover, I am not happy with the refund terms and other aspects of the so-called QA team. It seems that this is far from the most reliable website. You should take a little time to find alternatives. Then you will not have to regret spending too much money and time. Also, I do not advise you to choose a 6-hour deadline as you will not be able to receive your money even if the quality of the papers is terrible. Keep this fact in mind when looking for a suitable website.


I do not want to make loud statements. However, the quality of my paper was terrible. In addition, I am not happy with the way the company described the refund procedure and other aspects.

This is an unreliable writing service. The company is not concerned about customers getting good papers. Only disappointment awaits you here. Find an alternative so as not to waste your money.

Yes, this is a legit company registered in the UK. However, this fact is not an indicator of paper quality. You should find other sites that will allow you to count on good assignments.

I cannot say that this is a good company. This writing service does not meet the stated quality level. Moreover, I do not recommend that you order anything from here.

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