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📌 Pretty good support team
📌 Timely deliveryv
📌 High quality
📌 User-friendly website

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📌 Ability to choose writers
📌 Affordable prices
📌 Good qulity of essays

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📌 Possibility of getting a VIP status
📌 Low prices
📌 ENL writers
📌 iOS / Android app


Service features

Service rating 2.8
Prices from $17.55
Deadline 4 hours
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes

Service Overview

MyHomeworkDone is a British writing service registered in 2013. The company is owned by Cyber Jam Limited and is one of five writing services with similar design and functionality. I don't quite understand why the parent company needs similar sites. However, let's start this MyHomeworkDone review, and I'll tell you if you should order your papers from here.

MyHomeworkDone main page

Quality of Services

This time, I decided to change my approach to testing companies and chose a 15-slides PowerPoint presentation on Biology. I decided that the cell structure and mutation patterns would be a great topic for my assignment. So that the writer does not waste time, I have attached a file with instructions. 

I indicated what data and images should be in each slide. Since I've read many negative reviews, I wanted to minimize all risk factors and provide the writer with all the data to create a great presentation. It's worth noting that I had to pay $221.10, which is quite expensive.

MyHomeworkDone order form

Now let's focus on assignment quality. The writer sent my presentation on time. I even liked the first few slides. However, the writer managed to confuse the structure of animal and plant cells. Also, he (or she) does not know the difference between mutation and genetic recombination. Also, I wouldn't say I liked the font being too big. Some of the text was hidden by images. In addition, the writer made about five grammar and spelling mistakes. It seems to me that this is unacceptable, especially because most text editors can highlight errors in the text.

1Attractive website design
1High prices
2The hotline is always available
2Unprofessional writers
3Tricky refund policy
4Incompetent and unfriendly support agents
1Attractive website design
2The hotline is always available
1High prices
2Unprofessional writers
3Tricky refund policy
4Tricky refund policy

Prices and Deadlines

Is MyHomeworkDone legit? Of course, otherwise, I would not order anything from this site. But the pricing policy of this company raises several questions. Why should I pay $17.55 per page? That's a high enough price for a two-week deadline. If you want your assignment to be ready in four hours, the price will go up to $33.38 per page. Of course, the company offers promo codes, and you can save money. However, you need to order at least 25 pages to activate the discount.

MyHomeworkDone pricing


The company declares that it is ready to return you up to 100% of the original amount if you provide strong evidence of the writer's incompetence. In my case, I was offered to return 30% since the QA team did not find any serious errors. I could say that I was shocked by this decision because I already know that many companies are doing everything to save money. However, this fact is another reason why this review will be negative.

MyHomeworkDone guarantees

Online Reputation

I was very surprised to see many positive MyHomeworkDone reviews on Sitejabber and other popular websites. Perhaps local writers don't like creating PowerPoint presentations? Or was I unlucky, and my "expert" had a headache? I don't know why so many people have written positive reviews. However, I will not delve into this aspect as I cannot say for sure. In any case, the quality of my assignment was poor.

MyHomeworkDone review on Sitejabber

Customer Support

I didn't like the dialogue with the support agent. The thing is, I started ordering and haven't downloaded the instructions file yet. First, the agent did not understand who the "local writers" were. Is it so unclear? Again, the agent began to assert that my file does not contain instructions even though I have not even downloaded the DOC file yet. 

MyHomeworkDone support

This meaningless dialogue lasted about 16 minutes. In the end, I got tired and just ordered my presentation. It seems to me that this support agent didn't get enough sleep or was just rude. In any case, I do not recommend that you waste time on dialogues in online chat. This is a pointless activity.


I do not recommend that you order anything from here, as the writers will not handle your assignment. Moreover, even detailed instructions will not help them. Besides, get ready to spend a lot of time speaking with support managers. These guys are acting very strange and even a little rude.

It seems to me that they are paid very little. Otherwise, I cannot explain why I had to communicate with the agent for so long. Either way, this is a waste of time. There are quite a few other writing services that can help you. You only need to spend a little time compiling a list of 3-5 companies you can trust.


I don't think this is a scam company. At the same time, I am extremely disappointed with the quality of the papers and do not recommend that you order anything from here. You should take a little time and choose a reliable online company.

No, this is an unreliable website because the local writers are incompetent and cannot follow all the requirements. You will surely be disappointed with the quality of the service. Find an alternative.

Yes, it is a legit UK-registered company. However, this fact does not negate the poor quality of the paper that I received. Therefore, you should find another writing service to avoid wasting your money.

I cannot say that this is a good website as I am not happy with the quality of my assignment. Most likely, you can also face the incompetence of local writers. Find another writing service.

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