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Best Writing Services in 2021

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📌 Pretty good support team
📌 Timely deliveryv
📌 High quality
📌 User-friendly website

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📌 Ability to choose writers
📌 Affordable prices
📌 Good qulity of essays

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📌 Possibility of getting a VIP status
📌 Low prices
📌 ENL writers
📌 iOS / Android app


Service features

Service rating 3.1
Prices from $15
Deadline 12 hours
Refund Policy No
Revision Policy Yes

Service Overview

MyPerfectWords is another essay writing service that positions itself as a loyal helper and friend of the college student. Surfing the website, you will find interesting and useful information about the company, the services it provides, and the policies it offers.

MyPerfectWords main page

Is legit? Unfortunately, it takes much time and effort to acknowledge that most facts specified on the website are fake and have nothing to do with reality.

Quality of Services

It is impossible to create a relevant and up-to-date MyPerfectWords review without placing an order. Striving to be objective, I decided to ask writers to compile a Literature review for my college. The task was quite easy and did not have any specific requirements.

The ordering process is quite easy and usual, so it took me around 10 minutes to deal with this stage. Once all the arrangements were made, and the specifications of the writing discussed, I had to patiently wait for the paper to be delivered. Finally, the big day came, and I received my essay.

You can only imagine how great was my disappointment the moment I opened the file. Tons of mistakes, typos, and errors were hard to ignore, as they were literally everywhere. However, that was not the biggest issue, as some parts of my paper were plagiarized. The paper I received was a complete disaster, so I had to ask for revisions numerous times.

Can I call MyPerfectWords safe? Unfortunately, it was one of the biggest disappointments in my life, so it is hard for me to make any positive comments.

1Intuitive website.
1Poor quality of delivered papers.
2Easy ordering process.
2Weird pricing policy.
3No discounts.
4No refunds.
1Intuitive website.
2Easy ordering process.
1Poor quality of delivered papers.
2Weird pricing policy.
3No discounts.
4No refunds.

Prices and Deadlines

When it comes to the price table, you may notice the biggest lie ever. That is probably the marketing strategy, but it seems to be ineffective. Browsing the website, you will find a notice claiming that a 50% discount is currently available for all users. However, such an offer seems to be permanent, as I see it every single time I look through the company website. Besides, it is critical to mention that the prices without a discount are hilarious. Even the most reputable and time-tested academic writing platforms do not charge that much.

MyPerfectWords pricing

Thus, that is a trick, which makes inexperienced users believe that they may get the best deals. At the same time, you will not be offered other price reductions or discounts, as after contacting the representatives of the customer support service, I realized that a generous 50% off the cost is the reason to deny other offers.

Is MyPerfectWords legit? Unfortunately, the lack of transparency with the pricing helps to conclude that the company is ineffective and unreliable.


Refund and revision policies, confidentiality, and safety guarantees are the fundamental points that may predetermine the quality of the college student experience. Reading MyPerfectWords reviews, I was confused to learn that the account balance is non-refundable. I could not believe it, so I spent a few more hours discussing this question with the customer support team. In fact, the company does offer a refund policy, but in most cases, you can get your money back if the service cannot find a writer who will deal with your assignment.

MyPerfectWords guarantees

As for revision policy, you are likely to use the service an unlimited number of times. Unfortunately, the reality is slightly different.

Online Reputation

What is the first website that appears in your browser if you need to check service or a company? Trying to find any MyPerfectWords Reddit discussions, I was disappointed to come up with a negative result. However, I didn’t give up and started searching for feedback on other platforms. Finally, I could find a few comments about the essay writing service. Most of them were positive, but none of them seemed to be valid and trustworthy, so I had to check them on my own.

Customer Support

As I order college papers from similar essay writing services often, I am convinced that flawless communication with the representatives of customer support is critical. Surfing the company page, I found numerous methods to contact the team. However, as it was mentioned in most reviews, it cost me much time and effort to get a response. The agent did his best to be helpful and polite, but he still could not help me solve the problem.

MyPerfectWords contact information


It is impossible to write a review or talk about the service specifications unless you deal with it. After the very first experience dealing with the team, I can claim that it is one of the worst essay writing services I have ever come across. Browsing the web, you may find an unlimited number of better, more reliable, and trusted services with transparent policies, high-quality delivered papers, and a helpful support team. That was definitely the first, and the last time I worked with the team.


Irrespective of the information you find on the website, the company provides customers with poor-quality papers. The writers here do not know the basics of academic writing, so the customers have little chance to succeed from the assignment completion.

No, no, no! MyPerfectWords is one of the most unreliable services I have ever come across. Everything starting from prices and up to safety issues was fake and irrelevant.

The company seems to be officially registered, but it does not influence the quality of the papers it delivers.

From my personal experience, I can tell that MyPerfectWords is a poor-quality academic writing service that may be an option for high school students only. College learners who strive to get their papers written should search for a better match.

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